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Dye Testing for Toilet Leaks in Lafayette and New Iberia, LA

Toilets can be sneaky thieves.  Your toilet may look all sparkling, clean, and innocent after a good scrubbing, but it may be stealing right from under you!  A toilet leak could be costing you extra money on every water bill, and it might not just be a couple of George Washingtons…we could be talking about [...]

Unexpected winter weather and plumbing pipes in New Iberia, LA and Lafayette, LA

Sometimes, when homeowners think about DIY projects or prevention techniques, the people around respond with “You’ll shoot your eye out, kid!” The same way Santa replied to the boy in A Christmas Story. Well, have no fear; Pipes and Plugs is here to provide you with quality tips and tricks to keep our residential and [...]

The Night of the Burst Washing Machine Hose in Lafayette, LA

Our title might sound like the name of a cheesy, made-up horror movie, and…it is.  But at Pipes & Plugs  we’re certified plumbers, and we like to talk about—you guessed it—all things plumbing.  So with Halloween just around the corner we want to talk about one nightmare that probably won’t ever make it to the [...]

Electrical Safety during Halloween in Lafayette & New Iberia

If you live in Lafayette or New Iberia, LA, there’s a good chance that on Halloween some cute little ghosts, mummies, pirates, and fairy tale princesses will be walking up to your front door looking for a treat.  Many of us welcome these treat-seekers by decorating our homes, walkways, and yards with fun and frightful [...]

Stopped Drains in Lafayette and New Iberia: Store-bought Chemicals Vs. Drain Cleaning Professional

Clogged drains are nuisances.  You don’t want to have to wait ten minutes for the kitchen sink to drain so that you can continue washing dishes.  You don’t want to stand in murky water up to your ankles while taking a shower, and you certainly don’t want the bathroom sink to overflow.  When you’ve got [...]

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Prevent Scalding: Setting the Temperature of your Water Heater in Your Lafayette or New Iberia Home or Business

With September being National Baby Safety Month we have been thinking about plumbing safety in your home. Parents do countless numbers of things to keep their children safe.  They set up baby gates in front of stairs, secure cupboards with locks, cut food up into tiny pieces, and buy all their headache pain relievers with [...]

Items that clog sewer pipes in New Iberia and Lafayette, LA

We’ve all seen the advertisements for flushable wipes and heard the collective “sighs” of appreciation from families with a potty-training toddler. Unfortunately, these wipes are nondegradable. They often bind the screens going into the waste water treatment plant and can form ropes when knotted together in the pipes. They can also form balls that plug [...]

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Green Plumbing, New Iberia and Lafayette, LA

House by by business...Pipes and Plugs takes pride in offering green plumbing solutions to our New Iberia and Lafayette, LA community. And because August is National Water Quality Month, we wanted to take a moment and talk about the different environmentally friendly plumbing technologies available. We also wanted to offer some tips on how [...]

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