Water Heater Maintenance

/Water Heater Maintenance

Haunted Plumbing or Just Loud Plumbing Noise in New Iberia & Lafayette?

Could that noise that keeps waking you up at night just be your plumbing? Our New Iberia plumbers are here to explore common plumbing noises to find out if there is any real cause for alarm. #1 – You hear a strange rumbling or popping sound. You follow the noise and it leads to your [...]

New Iberia and Lafayette, LA, Water Heater smells like eggs

The smell of rotten eggs is an easily recognizable smell. No one likes the smell of rotten eggs. So if your New Iberia and Lafayette, LA home's water heater is producing the smell, and your water smells like eggs, then if can be an unbearable nuisance and an embarrassment when people come to visit. If [...]

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