Stopped Drains: Store-Bought Chemicals vs. Drain Cleaning Professional

Clogged drains are nuisances. You don’t want to have to wait ten minutes for the kitchen sink to drain so that you can continue washing dishes. You don’t want to stand in murky water up to your ankles while taking a shower, and you certainly don’t want the bathroom sink to overflow.  When you’ve got a drain clog, you want it gone, and you don’t want any hassle.  So, should you run to the store and buy a drain cleaning chemical for your Lafayette or New Iberia home or business?  Or, should you call a local plumber like Pipes & Plugs?  The certified plumbers at Pipes & Plugs think you should call a professional to clean your drains, and we want to explain why.

Why Your Clogged Drain in Lafayette or New Iberia Needs a Drain Cleaning Professional 

  • Do-it-yourself drain cleaning chemicals are not safe.  Because they are corrosive, they can burn skin, eyes, and, if inhaled, lungs.  If you have pets or children, it’s best not to even bring a store-bought drain cleaning chemical into your home.
  • Store-bought drain cleaners don’t always work.  If you’ve got a tough clog it will persist no matter how many containers of drain cleaner you dump down your drain.  You could also have invasive tree roots blocking your pipe which need special attention.
  • Pipes & Plugs Plumbing has the right equipment to take care of any drain clog.  We offer hydro-jetting and cable drain cleaning.  Our tools won’t cause damage to your pipes and will clear out tough clogs no matter how far down they are.
  • Drain cleaning can sometimes get messy, but the plumbing technicians at Pipes & Plugs always clean up after themselves.  They even wear booties and use floor mats to protect your floors!

Drain cleaning can be a hassle and a hazard that you shouldn’t take on yourself.  At Pipes & Plugs, we want to get Lafayette and New Iberia drains running clear and fast again while keeping families and pets safe from hazardous store-bought drain cleaning chemicals.  For all your commercial plumbing and residential plumbing needs in Lafayette and New Iberia, call Pipes & Plugs!

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