Electrical Services for Additions & Remodels

It’s important when you remodel or build an addition that you hire a professional New Iberia electrician to help you plan for your electrical needs. Because DIY electrical work is extremely risky, you won’t want to do electrical upgrades and additions yourself, so you’ll need an electrician to ensure that the space you’re creating will be fully functioning with the electricity you need. Don’t get too far along with a remodel or addition before consulting a local electrician about the electrical services you’ll need.

Common Electrical Services Needed for Remodels & Additions in New Iberia 

  • Lighting – What do you plan to do in your new or upgraded space? Will you need new overhead lighting, task lighting, or accent lighting? Are you interested in installing energy-efficient lights? There are many options available, and our electricians can help you to choose the lights that make the most sense for your space.
  • Electrical Outlets – Your addition or remodeled area won’t be very useful if you don’t have electrical outlets where you need them. You should also consider adding ground fault circuit interrupters to rooms that may have contact with water.
  • Electrical Wiring – If you’re building an addition or converting an attic or basement into a more functional space, there’s a good chance you’ll need new electrical wiring to make sure the area has access to electricity.
  • Electrical Panel Upgrades – If you have an older electrical panel, it may not be equipped to handle all the electricity your new space will require. Discuss options with your local electrician.
  • Appliance Hookups & Ceiling Fan Installation – Electrical appliances and ceiling fans are likely to last longer and be safer when they are installed by a professional electrician.
  • Surge Protection – If you’re remodeling or building an addition, you’re investing in your home. Protect your new electrical appliances and electronics from damaging electrical surges with surge protection.

At Pipes & Plugs, we have the knowledgeable electricians you need to make sure your remodel or new addition is everything that you want it to be. For electrical service in New Iberia, Lafayette, or Abbeville, give us a call!