Green Plumbing

House by house…business by business…Pipes and Plugs takes pride in offering green plumbing solutions to our New Iberia and Lafayette, LA community. And because August is National Water Quality Month, we wanted to take a moment and talk about the different environmentally friendly plumbing technologies available. We also wanted to offer some tips on how you can help prevent pollutants from entering the water system.

Millions of gallons of freshwater are wasted every year because our appliances and plumbing fixture are inefficient. Wasted freshwater mixes with wastewater and becomes contaminated. Many of our water treatment plants are overworked, and when there is too much water flooding the system, untreated water is released back into mother nature. By installing high-efficiency toilets, and low flow showerheads and faucets, you can help save gallons of water every day! Many worry that using these types of products will change their bathroom experience, but the truth is you won’t notice the difference. Not only will you help to conserve freshwater, but you can also save a lot of money.

Another great way to help reduce pollutants from entering the water system is to use natural cleaners. Baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and vinegar can get almost any cleaning job done. They are environmentally friendly, human friendly, and are a lot cheaper than the dozens of spray bottles you find in the cleaning section. You should also avoid flushing old medications down the drain. Instead, remove the label and add vinegar to the bottle to destroy the pills. Then wrap up the container and throw it in the garbage. Or, depending on where you live, your city may offer a program where you can turn in old medications. Lastly, never put anything but water in a storm drain. Storm drains return to streams, rivers, oceans, bays, lakes, and other waterways. Dumping trash, old motor oil, or other chemicals down the storm drains seriously negatively impacts the environment. Making small changes at home and in our communities can go a long way to improving the water quality of our New Iberia and Lafayette, LA community.

Whether you have a plumbing, gas, or electric issue you can rest assured that Pipes and Plugs have the right knowledge, training, and experience to solve your problem the first time. We are firmly committed to customer service and quality work!

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