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How to Fix These Embarrassing Holiday Plumbing Problems in Lafayette

The winter holiday season is often described as the most wonderful time of the year, but the hubbub of the holidays can wreak some serious havoc on your home’s plumbing. Between, preparing large meals and having house guests over, your plumbing can take a real beating. Holiday plumbing problems usually happen at the most inconvenient [...]

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Fall Plumbing Maintenance Prevents Winter Plumbing Repairs in Lafayette, New Iberia & Beyond.

When outdoor faucets crack, plumbing pipes burst, or water heaters break down, plumbing repairs become absolutely necessary.  But, when the proper fall plumbing maintenance is done, many plumbing breakdowns can be prevented entirely, and then you don’t have to spend cash on plumbing repairs!  Check out these tips on how to prepare your plumbing for [...]

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Outdoor Plumbing Maintenance Checklist for Lafayette, Abbeville, New Iberia & Beyond

Spring is the season for getting things done outside!  It’s time to organize the garage, wash the car, plant flowers, vamp up the lawn, and, who knows, maybe do a little barbecuing too!  Many of your outdoor activities this spring will mean utilizing your outdoor plumbing, so our Lafayette plumbing contractors believe there is no [...]

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Check for Needed Plumbing Maintenance or Repairs this Spring in New Iberia, Lafayette, & Abbeville

During the winter season, people have a tendency to put things off, but spring is a great time for yard work, cleaning, organizing, and making sure all parts of your home are in proper working order.  At Pipes & Plugs, we can’t help you go through old boxes or paperwork, but we can help you [...]

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Dye Testing for Toilet Leaks in Lafayette and New Iberia, LA

Toilets can be sneaky thieves.  Your toilet may look all sparkling, clean, and innocent after a good scrubbing, but it may be stealing right from under you!  A toilet leak could be costing you extra money on every water bill, and it might not just be a couple of George Washingtons…we could be talking about [...]


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