Gas Leak Testing

At Pipes & Plugs, our plumbing technicians do everything from unclogging drains to installing new water heaters, to finding shiny diamond rings that have been lost down the sink.  But one of the most important things we do as a plumbing company is to help ensure our safety of our Lafayette, LA homeowners with gas leak repair.  Because gas leaks can lead to a buildup of natural gas, and the possibility of a subsequent explosion, it’s important to do your part in preventing a catastrophe.  Knowing how to identify a gas leak and the steps to take in the case of a gas leak could save lives!

How will I know if there is a gas leak in my Lafayette home?

Thankfully, gas leaks are usually pretty easy to notice.  A rotten egg smell is added to natural gas, so chances are, if you’ve got a gas leak, you’ll be wondering:  What is that awful stench?!

It’s also not a bad idea to get gas leak testing from time to time, particularly if your plumbing is old.  As your plumbing ages and becomes worn, the likelihood of a gas leak increases, and only a certified plumber should determine whether you need a new gas line installation.

Oh no!  I smell natural gas!  What should I do?

Don’t panic.  If you smell natural gas, gather up your family and pets, and get out of the house immediately.  Dial 911 and let the authorities handle it.  Once you’re a safe distance away from the potentially dangerous gas leak, contact Pipes & Plugs for gas leak detection and gas leak repair.  Our expert plumbers will find the gas leak and repair it so that your house will be safe once again!  Never try to fix a gas leak yourself—it’s too dangerous and someone could get hurt!

At Pipes & Plugs, we rectify dangerous gas leak problems in Lafayette and New Iberia fast.  We do commercial plumbing as well, so if you have a gas leak at your Lafayette business or need help because of a plumbing code violation, Pipes & Plugs is happy to help.  If you need a gas line installation, we can take care of that too!

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