Electrical Safety during Halloween

If you live in Lafayette or New Iberia, LA, there’s a good chance that on Halloween some cute little ghosts, mummies, pirates, and fairy tale princesses will be walking up to your front door looking for a treat.  Many of us welcome these treat-seekers by decorating our homes, walkways, and yards with fun and frightful lights, skulls, pumpkins, and another scary décor, but sometimes we create unintentional hazards.  Pipes & Plugs are eager to take this opportunity to offer some electrical safety tips to make sure that this Halloween in Lafayette and New Iberia will be as safe as it is fun!

Electrical Safety Tips for Halloween in Lafayette & New Iberia

  • Make sure that your electrical cords are not in places where they are likely to be tripped on, such as in doorways and on walkways.
  • Check for bare spots on electrical wires.  A damaged wire could shock a person or start a fire.
  • Be careful when hanging lights or arranging extension cords not to staple or nail through electrical wires.
  • Make sure electrical decorations are labeled for outdoor use if you intend to use them outside.
  • To prevent an electric shock, make sure your outdoor decorations are plugged into circuits protected by ground fault circuit interrupters.
  • Ensure that there is adequate outdoor lighting around gravestones, pumpkins, and other figurines to prevent trips and falls.
  • Turn off all electrical decorations before you go to bed or if you will not be home.
  • Takedown all outdoor electrical decorations after the holiday because they are not designed to withstand the weather for a long period of time.

Halloween in Lafayette and New Iberia should be a frightfully fun time, and Pipes & Plugs wants it to be scary for the right reasons.  By taking certain precautions with your Halloween decorating, you can help to prevent falls, fires, and electrical shocks.  Enjoy all of the fun and excitement that October and Halloween have to offer while doing your part to help keep the trick-or-treaters safe!  And remember, if you need the assistance of a licensed electrician, Pipes & Plugs is here for any electrical service you need.

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