Fall Plumbing Maintenance Prevents Winter Plumbing Repairs

When outdoor faucets crack, plumbing pipes burst or water heaters break down, plumbing repairs become absolutely necessary.  But, when the proper fall plumbing maintenance is done, many plumbing breakdowns can be prevented entirely, and then you don’t have to spend cash on plumbing repairs!  Check out these tips on how to prepare your plumbing for fall. 

Fall Plumbing Maintenance List for Lafayette & New Iberia

– Clean Gutters.  It might not seem that important, but boy is it.  If the water can’t drain properly, it can freeze inside your gutters, potentially ruining your gutters or damaging your roof!

– Bring Garden Hoses Inside.  Water can freeze inside the hose, causing a broken faucet or pipe.

– Turn off the Shutoff Valve to Your Outdoor Faucets.  Then you can drain out any remaining water from the faucets.

– Protect Exposed Plumbing Pipes with Insulation.  Pipes that are exposed to cold air could freeze if the temps drop far enough.  Insulate them well so that they can resist the cold.

– Put a Stop to Drafts on Your Plumbing Pipes.  If you can feel cold air, your pipes can feel it too.  Block the draft to help prevent your pipes from freezing.

– Call a Plumber for Water Heater Maintenance.  You should get water heater maintenance each year anyways, but fall is a great time to make sure your water heater is working properly and efficiently since it will work harder during the cold weather months.

Why pay for a plumbing repair when you can prevent a plumbing problem?  We hope these tips help your plumbing system to perform great this fall and winter, but if a problem does arise you can always count on Pipes & Plugs for all your plumbing service needs!