Haunted Plumbing or Just Loud Plumbing Noise

Could that noise that keeps waking you up at night just be your plumbing? Our New Iberia plumbers are here to explore common plumbing noises to find out if there is any real cause for alarm.

#1 – You hear a strange rumbling or popping sound. You follow the noise and it leads to your water heater. Is there a monster inside? Well, if you consider sediment buildup a monster, then yes. Moisture from heated sediment bursts into the surrounding water resulting in the popping sound. The scariest part: sediment can cause your water heater to corrode, shortening its lifespan. What our Lafayette plumbing company recommends: having your water heater flushed out. Water heater maintenance will not only put a stop to the noises but will also help your water heater to perform more efficiently and last longer.

#2 – In the silence of the night you hear a loud banging noise. It sounds like it may be coming from your plumbing pipes. You probably are hearing a water hammer. No, it’s not a ferocious shark that lives in your plumbing; it’s a noise created when high-pressure water is suddenly stopped within your plumbing pipe. The scariest part: The pressure could cause a pipe fitting to fail or a burst pipe. How to proceed: These plumbing problems can lead to big watery messes, so you’ll want to have your local plumber install a solution like an air chamber or a pressure-reducing valve.

#3 – You hear a sudden rush of water in a drain line. Sometimes your washing machine or dishwasher will release a surge of water down the drain line. The not-so-scary part: it’s normal for these types of appliances to behave in this manner. What you should do: Unless you notice a further issue, such as a water leak, you don’t need to do a thing!

Consider Pipes & Plugs the Ghostbusters of plumbing problems. For scary plumbing repairs, we’ll be there!