How to Use Your Ceiling Fans in Fall & Winter

If you thought that you could only use your ceiling fan during the hot summer months, think again! The same ceiling fan that can save you money on your air conditioning costs in Abbeville can help to save you money on your heating costs as well! This fall and winter, take advantage of these ceiling fan benefits.

Benefits of Using Your Ceiling Fan during the Cooler Months

  • In fall and winter, switch your ceiling fan to run in reverse or clockwise. As the heat from your furnace or boiler rises, your ceiling fan will push it back downward, allowing your home to feel warmer. Your family won’t be sitting or standing up on the ceiling, so your warm air is going to waste up there!
  • Mount a ceiling fan in an open stairway of a two-story home to better circulate heated air. This works great in homes where the upstairs rooms always feel much warmer than the downstairs rooms. By balancing out the temperature in your home, your heating unit won’t need to work as hard, and you should be able to save some money on heating costs.
  • Run your ceiling fan to deter pesky fall flies. Insects don’t care for the breeze created by ceiling fans, so if you’re dealing with some unwanted insects, it’s not a bad idea to make them uncomfortable so that they’ll move out of your space!

Ceiling fans are a great investment because they can be beneficial year-round. For a ceiling fan hookup in Abbeville, New Iberia, or Lafayette, give Pipes & Plugs a call today!