How to Keep Cool For a Good Night’s Rest

How to Keep Cool For a Good Night’s Rest

Keeping Your Cool at Night

The heat of summer has officially started to roll in! While we all enjoy the season’s festivities, such as swimming with the kids, soaking up the sunshine, and planning family game nights, it can be miserable when nighttime hits and the heat is still around.

Getting a good night’s rest should be a priority for every individual, but it can be hard to sleep easily when your bedroom feels like a sticky sauna.

It’s an unpleasant feeling to be glued to your sheets during the summer when your body naturally prefers colder temperatures. So what’s the solution? We’re covering the most effective ways to keep your room cool for a great night’s rest; keep reading to learn more!

  • Cold Showers Before Bed: We understand how relaxing a warm shower can be after a full day of activities, but consider switching to a cold shower right before bed if you really want to keep cool as you go to sleep. Your shower doesn’t have to be cold for relief from the heat; a lukewarm shower will do the trick. A nice cool shower can regulate your body temperature and remove the sweat from the day so you can fall asleep quickly. Pro tip: Use peppermint-scented shower products for the ultimate cooling sensation!
  • Invest in a Cooling Mattress Pad: Comfort starts with your mattress. One of the most effective ways to keep cool at night is by selecting the correct type of mattress for your body and cooling needs. If you aren’t looking to spend on a new mattress upgrade, consider adding a cooling mattress pad as a solution. If you sleep on a memory foam mattress and struggle to stay cool, adding a mattress pad of a different surface can help keep your bed cool and comfortable. Memory foam often traps body heat, so it’s your best bet to either replace the mattress or add a cooling topper!
  • Ceiling Fans Are Your Friend: 
  • Are you looking to stay cool without dramatically increasing energy costs? A ceiling fan can come in handy! While our AC usually is our go-to solution to cooling a room, a ceiling fan can provide a similar cooling effect for a fraction of the energy costs. Ceiling fans comfortably circulate air throughout the home, creating a “wind chill” effect. While they don’t cool the room itself, they do cool the people in the room. The refreshing feeling you get from your fan is actually a redistribution of the room’s air! When considering adding a ceiling fan to your home, it’s essential to keep in mind that calling in professionals is necessary to ensure proper installation and safety. If you have no background in electrical wiring, attempting a DIY installation can be dangerous. Give your friendly electrical team, Pipes & Plugs, a call and we’ll be there to assist with the installation of your new ceiling fan!
  • Switch to Cotton Bedding: While your flannel sheets were cozy during the colder months, they can have a significant impact on the comfort of your bed during warmer weather. Flannel sheets are often less breathable than cotton or linen sheets, and they can trap excess body heat. We recommend making the switch to lighter bedding during the summer and spring for an upgraded sleeping experience.

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