Benefits of Dimmer Switches

Could dimmer switches make your home more comfortable? Could they help you to relax and unwind after a long day? Could they even save you a few dollars on your electricity bills? Dimmer switches offer a lot more advantages than you might be aware of and adding a dimmer switch is quick and easy with a call to our Abbeville electricians!

3 Huge Advantages of Dimmer Switches

You can adjust lighting for ambiance and functionality. You need less light if you’re relaxing in front of the television, more if you’re swept up reading a mystery novel, less while you’re having a romantic dinner, more when you’re working on a crossword puzzle. With a dimmer switch, you control the amount of light, so that you can have the perfect amount to set a mood or illuminate the task at hand.

You could save money on your electricity bill. With a regular light switch, the options are very limited: On or off, 100% electricity use or 0% electricity use. A dimmer switch gives you the option of using less light and therefore less electricity. Why waste money on more light than is ideal for what you’re doing or the time of day anyway?

Your light bulbs will last longer. Because you don’t have your light bulbs operating on full blast all the time, they’ll have a longer lifespan. The more you choose a softer light setting, the longer your light bulbs are likely to last because they are not being fully exerted.

Dimmer switches can be useful in virtually any room including bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms. The more rooms where you opt to install dimmer switches, the more opportunities to save on electricity in Abbeville. Furthermore, we think you’ll love having just the right amount of lighting for everything that you do around your home. For dimmer switch installation in Abbeville,  New Iberia, or Lafayette, please give our licensed electricians a call today!