Ceiling Fans Chop Electric Bills

Ceiling fans are more than just an aesthetically pleasing way to improve your home’s lighting and air circulation.  They can actually save you big bucks on your home cooling bills.  To reduce the burden on your air conditioning system and save yourself some money on your summer energy bills, consider ceiling fan installation from your local New Iberia electrician.

Here are 3 ways you can save money on energy with ceiling fans:

  1. You can set your air conditioner’s temperature several degrees higher. Though ceiling fans don’t actually cool rooms like AC units, they do cool the people in the rooms.  Air crosses over the skin, making the occupants feel cooler, therefore allowing you to keep the thermostat for your air conditioner set a bit higher.  Your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard and won’t gobble up as much energy!
  2. You can keep the AC unit turned off and your windows open for a greater number of days of the year.  The fresh outdoor air will help make your home feel less stuffy and ceiling fans can help circulate that fresh air throughout the home.  If it’s not a scorcher outside, ceiling fans and open windows are often enough to keep families cool.  They work great at night too when oftentimes the temperature outdoors drops considerably.
  3. You can turn your ceiling fan on to cool yourself down fast instead of turning down the temperature on your air conditioner.  It’s tempting sometimes when you come inside from mowing the lawn, a bike ride, or a hot afternoon at the playground to crank down the AC the moment you walk in the house.  You’re hot, sweaty, and you want to be refreshed!  For a faster cool down, you can just turn your ceiling fan to high and sit nearby it.  It will give you that quick burst of cooling without that quick burst of expense.  Plus you won’t have to remember to turn the AC thermostat back down later.

At Pipes & Plugs, saving our customers money is always part of the game plan.  For a ceiling fan hookup or any other electrical installation in New Iberia, Lafayette, or Abbeville, give our friendly electricians a call!