Lighting Design Ideas for New Iberia, Lafayette, & Abbeville

Your interior and exterior lighting can greatly impact the look and function of your home. Many people deal with uncomfortable or inadequate lighting simply because they’re not aware of the options available to them. At Pipes & Plugs, we install a wide variety of lighting types to create an atmosphere that is appropriate and desirable for each individual space. Consider the many lighting options available to you and call our licensed electricians to help you with indoor and outdoor lighting design in New Iberia. Would any of these lighting options improve the function or ambiance at your home?

Recessed Lighting – Electricians are installing a lot of recessed lighting fixtures these days because they are so versatile. Recessed cans may be used with a dimmer switch, offer a wide area of light coverage, and can utilize a variety of lightbulb types. Whether used to set a mood or as task lighting, recessed lights are practical and look great.

Closet Lighting – Closets without lighting tend to be dark, because, well, who’s got a window in their closet? We all know that organizing your closet will help you to find what you’re looking for each morning, but closet lighting can make it even easier. A little bit of lighting can go a long way towards illuminating all the clothes, shoes, and accessories you’ve worked so hard to organize.

Stairway Lighting – This is a great way to show off a home’s beautiful architecture. Rather than just having an overhead light, draw attention with a light for each individual stair.

Deck & Pool Lights – Just because it’s after dark doesn’t mean your fun outdoor activities need to end. Expand your indoor living space outdoors by adding lights around your pool, deck, or patio.

Workshop Lighting – Many people spend a good amount of their time in their workshop but put some of the least thought into its comfort level and atmosphere. Whatever tasks you’re performing in your shop, make sure that you have adequate, comfortable lighting.

When it comes to lighting design in New Iberia, you can count on our electricians to listen to your needs and desires. Contact Pipes & Plugs for lighting installations and design today!