Illuminating Lighting Design Ideas for Winter

Although commonly forgotten, lighting design plays an integral role in interior design and decorating. Although color themes, furniture, and decorative accents contribute to the aesthetics of a space, interior lighting design determines the mood and serves a more functional purpose. A good example of this is in a corporate office, where bad lighting can lead to a decrease in employee productivity, eyestrain, headaches, and drowsiness.

Unsurprisingly, your home’s lighting can have a similar effect on your mood. During the short, dark days of winter, this is especially true. A lack of sunlight can lead to irritability, food cravings, and low energy. Incorporating the right lighting design techniques can transform the look and feel of any space and even make you feel better!

You can rest assured that Pipes & Plugs, LLC., has the expertise to bring your interior lighting design ideas to light! Our professional electricians have the creativity and experience to install the latest trends in lighting design, such as eye-catching light fixtures and recessed lighting. You can rely on our electrical services to do it all!

Here are just a few bright lighting design ideas that are perfect for winter and year-round.

Task lighting

Thanks to technology, many people choose to work remotely out of a home office. This is especially convenient during the winter when road conditions can be poor. Task lighting can not only make your home office more comfortable, but it can even create the right environment for increased creativity and productivity. It can also make viewing reflective objects such as computer screens and tablets easier by reducing the glare.

Unique lighting fixtures

A popular trend in lighting design is the use of unique lighting fixtures to make a bold statement. Eye-catching fixtures can act as a focal point while serving their lighting purpose. They’re great for dining rooms and kitchens were entertaining guests usually takes place. Two examples of popular accent lighting fixtures are bowl and pendant lights. Artisanal or handmade lighting fixtures such as vintage glass bottles are also becoming popular.

Recessed lighting

If you’re trying to make a room look and feel bigger and draw attention to its unique architecture or hanging art, then recessed lighting is for you. Recessed lighting is also a great way to make the wall color pop. Adding a dimmer switch only enhances the versatility of recessed lighting and its effects. This is why it’s become one of the most popular lighting design trends within the last decade.

Shower lighting

Taking a long, hot shower is a great way to unwind during the winter and the right lighting can really enhance that experience. Using recessed lighting into your bathroom and shower not only makes it safer but is perfect for creating a relaxing spa-like atmosphere right at home.

With our electrical services, Pipes & Plugs, LLC. can help you lighten up your home this winter! Call us today!