Ways to Save Money on Electricity

Saving money on electricity is easy when you know just what to do.  Read through these electricity-saving tips from our New Iberia electricians and then get to saving yourself some money on your next electric bill!

How to Save Money on Electricity

  1. Use compact fluorescent light (CFL)  bulbsMake sure you choose the appropriate size and type for your light fixture.  CFLs are more energy-efficient than your typical standard light bulbs.
  2. Opt for motion sensor outdoor lights. Outdoor lights can be great at deterring criminals and lighting walkways, but they don’t need to run all through the night.  Motion sensor lights will light up walkways as needed and startle would-be burglars into fleeing, all while saving you money!
  3. Banish dryer lint.  Dryer lint can cause fires and cause your dryer to work inefficiently.  Clean off the lint screen every time you use your dryer and clean the exhaust duct once a year for optimal efficiency.
  4. Dry batches of laundry back-to-back.  Your dryer will already be warmed up, saving you the electricity it would take to get it hot again.
  5. Don’t leave big empty spaces in the fridge.  Your refrigerator operates most efficiently when filled with food and drinks.  If it’s looking a little sparse, consider adding some containers of water to the fridge and some bags of ice to the freezer.
  6. Use a power strip so that you can turn off several electronics at once.  Many electronics, such as TVs, continue to use electricity even when they’re not actually turned on.  Avoid this waste by shutting down their power when they’re not in use.
  7. Don’t leave your chargers plugged in all the time.  These too will gobble up electricity when they’re not even needed.  As soon as your cell phone, camera, laptop, or tablet is done charging, unplug the charger.

Are you doing your money-savers dance yet?  Our New Iberia electricians hope these tips on how to save money on electricity will prove useful to you.  For help with all things electrical, give Pipes & Plugs a call!