Dealing With Minor Electrical Problems Safely

Do you know what to do if sparks start flying out of your toaster, a light bulb shatters, or your garbage disposal becomes jammed up with a fork?  Our Lafayette licensed electricians want to prepare you for these mini electrical emergencies, so you’ll know just what to do.  Learn what to do now and there won’t be any reason to panic later!

The Smoking Blender – You’re blending what might be the most nutritious, delicious smoothie ever crafted in your kitchen when suddenly your blender starts smoking.  What to do?  Do not touch it!  Unplug the blender.  If you cannot unplug the blender without touching it, shut the power off at your circuit breaker box.  Wait for the blender to cool completely and then dispose of it.

The Broken Light Bulb – You’re relaxing on the sofa, reading the newspaper when suddenly you hear a pop and the light goes out.  Your bulb has broken!  What do you do?  Turn off the switch to the light fixture or unplug your lamp.  Wear safety goggles if you have them.  Carefully lodge one end of a dry bar of soap onto the broken bulb.  Once the glass is pushed into the soap bar, you should be able to twist the bulb free.

The Toaster Full of Sparks – You’re toasting your morning English muffin when sparks start to fly.  DO NOT DUMP WATER ON THE TOASTER!  Here’s what you should do.  Extinguish small sparks and flames with a fire extinguisher (if you don’t have one, consider this a friendly reminder to get one!).  After you’ve extinguished the flames, call 911.  The electrical wiring in your wall may have caught fire even if you can’t see it.  If ever a fire, such as a toaster fire, starts to get out of control, get everyone out of the building and call for help.

The Grating Garbage Disposal – You’re washing the dishes and grinding up food scrapings in your garbage disposal when you hear an awful grating noise.  The garbage disposer is most likely jammed up with a fork, spoon, or another utensil.  What should you do?  Shut the power off at your main circuit breaker.  Test to ensure the power is off before proceeding.  Remove the handle from a plunger and stick it into the drain and spin the blades of the garbage disposal.  If this doesn’t relieve the jam, it’s time to call your local Lafayette plumber.

The most important aspect of dealing with a minor electrical problem is to be safe.  If you’re not sure what to do, don’t hesitate to call for help.  At Pipes & Plugs, we’re here to help you with any electrical service or plumbing service that you may need in Lafayette, New Iberia, or Abbeville.