Fall Electrical Safety Tips for Abbeville, New Iberia & Beyond

Fall means it’s time for pumpkins, sweatshirts, and football!  It also means it’s time to make sure your home’s electrical system is ready to operate effectively and safely for the coming season.  Check out these fall electrical safety tips from licensed electricians that could help you to prevent injuries and damages.

Preparing Your Home’s Electrical System for Fall in New Iberia, Abbeville & beyond.

  1.  Test your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.  These items save lives—just make sure they’re working and ready to rouse you when trouble arises!  Don’t have a carbon monoxide detector?  The time to get one is now!
  2. Make sure outdoor electrical outlets have covers.  Outdoor outlets don’t have the walls of your home to protect them from the elements.  Install “bubble covers” over all your outdoor outlets.
  3. Protect yourself from electrical shocks while doing yard work.  Make sure to avoid overhead wires while utilizing ladders or trimmers.
  4. Use space heaters properly.  Space heaters should not be plugged into extension cords and there should not be anything flammable within three feet of the unit.
  5. Make sure outdoor outlets have ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs).  These outlets will automatically shut power off if electricity is not flowing properly.
  6. Rake dead leaves.  Don’t let dead, dry leaves come into contact with outdoor outlets, power cords, or lighting.

If you need further help improving the safety of your home’s electrical system this fall, contact Pipes & Plugs today!  Our Abbeville electricians can perform the electrical upgrades and electrical services that will make your home a safer place for you and your family.