Free Guide for Simple Water Leak Repairs for National Fix a Leak Week

Pipes and Plugs provide residential and commercial clients with easy, DIY Tips to fix leaky fixtures in New Iberia, Lafayette, Abbeville, and several surrounding communities. Here at Pipes and Plugs, we often hear about families who discovered a leak, but they’re unsure how to repair it. When the repair is simple, we advise clients to try and repair the leak themselves; however, we really appreciate it when clients call us before beginning their projects. This week, we wanted to provide a few tips on how to deal with leaky fixtures and help you avoid some of the problems others face when attempting DIY Plumbing repairs.

First and foremost, the sooner you catch a leak, the more money you can save. If you repair a simple leak when you first notice it, you can save yourself hundreds of dollars on your monthly water bill. If you find that the fixtures in your home are old and improperly sealed, you can reseal the areas using basic caulk. Be sure to follow the instructions provided and select the appropriate seal for the job. Before beginning any fixture repair or replacement, be sure to turn off the waterline. Otherwise, you can end up with large amounts of water spraying all over the room. One of the benefits of replacing old fixtures is the ability to upgrade and improve the look and feel of the bathroom or kitchen. Newer fixtures are often made with green technology that helps conserve water and lower the monthly water bill because it decreases the amount of water consumed in your home.

As with any project, we always recommend consulting with a licensed plumber before beginning the job. Simple repairs, like tightening a bolt or nut, don’t require a visit by a plumber; however, a plumber can tell you if the problem might be more significant. Also, if you complete the minor repair and still find that you have a leak, the friendly plumbers at Pipes and Plugs can examine your home and check for leaky pipes, clogged drains, and provide a variety of other plumbing services to ensure your plumbing works efficiently all year long. For money-saving tips and customer referrals or testimonials, and expert information, visit our site or call one of our friendly representatives. At Pipes and Plugs our #1 goal is to provide friendly, quality work 100% of the time.