Green Plumbing Experts Celebrate World Plumbing Day

At Pipes & Plugs, we celebrate World Plumbing Day—every day by utilizing Green Plumbing Technology in Lafayette & New Iberia. How important is functional plumbing to the average American household? Seems like a fairly logical and easy to answer the question. From the minute we wake up, we are constantly using the plumbing in our residential and commercial properties for a variety of services such as taking a shower, preparing food, cleaning surfaces, watering a garden, and so much more. Now, let’s ask another seemingly silly question: who keeps all of those things working efficiently? That’s right! Your friendly, neighborhood plumber at Pipes and Plugs.

March 11, 2014, is World Plumbing Day, and it provides us with an opportunity to highlight the plumbing field and all we do to help our communities. Though we are often not called until disaster or an emergency strike, we play a critical role and have for hundreds of years. The advancements in technology—especially in plumbing—have helped significantly reduce the spread of water-related diseases across the United States. When you want to increase your property’s water or energy efficiency, we offer water-efficient fixture options as well as both energy and water-efficient water heater solutions. We also employ the latest and greenest technology for all of our plumbing services, including drain cleaning. Being a plumber isn’t always exciting, but it’s always rewarding knowing that we are helping to provide high quality, clean water to all of our customers. We want to send a “THANK YOU!” message to all of our plumbing technicians as well as those all over the world who are helping to improve water quality and access to clean water for everyone in this generation and all those to come. Happy World Plumbing Day!

At Pipes and Plugs our #1 goal is to provide friendly, quality work 100% of the time.