Know Electrical Danger Signs & Prevent Electrical Emergencies

If you have an electrical emergency, Pipes & Plugs will come to the rescue in a snap, but our Lafayette electricians are keen on preventing electrical hazards too.  Electrical hazards don’t always come with warning signs, but sometimes they do, so here are four electrical danger signs to keep an eye peeled for around your home or business.

Beware of These Electrical Danger Signs:

  1. Lighting Fixtures with the Wrong Wattage Bulbs – Each light fixture is designed to be used with a certain wattage bulb.  If you’re operating a higher wattage bulb than recommended in a light fixture, there’s a chance that your light fixture could overheat and catch something on fire!  So, if you’ve got a 100-watt bulb in your lamp that’s supposed to have a 40-watt bulb, it’s time to eliminate a serious safety hazard by swapping it out.
  2. Wobbly & Shaky Ceiling Fans – Yes, a ceiling fan can cause a fire if it’s allowed to run at a high setting while shaking in its mount. If your fan isn’t secure, it could come loose and expose electrical wiring. Ceiling fans can quickly become a fire hazard if left unsecured.
  3. Worn Out, Damaged, or Taped-Up Extension Cords – It’s never a good idea to tape up a frayed extension cord.  If your cord is damaged, it could shock someone or cause an electrical fire, so it is wise to toss out worn electrical cords and invest in a new one that will be safe to use.
  4. Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter Outlets That Trip – Also known as GFIs, these outlets are typically found in kitchens and bathrooms and anyplace else where water might be a concern.  If you have one that is constantly “tripping” (stopping the flow of electricity), you probably have an electrical issue that should not be ignored. Learn more about how to avoid electrical shocks and test your GFCIs here. Given the danger of being electrocuted, you should give your local electrician a call to investigate.

When it comes to anything involving electricity, it is better to be safe than to be sorry.  Never throw water onto an electrical fire; instead, put out the flames with a fire extinguisher.  And, when electrical service is needed in Lafayette, New Iberia, or Abbeville, don’t attempt to do it yourself or call a handyman—call Pipes & Plugs for a knowledgeable, licensed electrician to do the job!