Dealing With a Plumbing Emergency

Plumbing pipes burst.  Toilets overflow.  Basements flood.  No one predicts a plumbing emergency, but occasionally they do occur.  The faster you act the better.  But what do you do in a plumbing emergency?  How do you prevent as much water damage as you can?  Who do you call?  Our Lafayette licensed plumbers want to share a few basic steps you should take during a plumbing emergency, so that should disaster strike, you’ll know where to start.

Step #1:  Turn off your water.

This seems like a pretty obvious first step, but it’s important to note it because sometimes when there is an emergency people tend to panic and not think of it.  You’ll want to switch off your main water valve.  Don’t know how to switch off your water?  Now is a good time to find out—before there is a plumbing emergency!  You should be able to locate it either in your basement or outside your home.

Step #2:  Remove furnishings and belongings from the wet area.

If you can quickly remove items from the water-logged zone, you may be able to save them from irreversible damage.  If the water is spreading attempt to stop it or move valuables out of its path.

Step #3:  Call your Lafayette plumber.

Our number in Lafayette is 337-267-4357.  Our number in New Iberia is: 337-364-2980.  Jot these numbers down.  Keep them someplace handy.  Pipes & Plugs is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to tackle plumbing emergencies.  We understand that your plumbing emergency could happen in the middle of the night, and our skilled plumbing technicians are trained to deal with whatever plumbing issue may arise.  We’ll get you the plumbing repair you need as fast as possible.

Step #4:  While you wait for your plumber to arrive, try to remove any excess water.

Sop up the water with towels if you can, it will help to reduce water damage and make it easier for the plumber to get at the problem when they arrive.

Step #5:  Talk about plumbing emergency prevention with your plumber.

Every plumbing emergency has a cause; some causes are preventable, some not.  Feel free to pick your plumber’s brain while he’s at your home.  Now is a great time to ask questions and see if there is anything that can be done differently at your home to prevent a future plumbing emergency.  Your plumber may be able to recommend a plumbing fixture or product that could save you from future troubles.

Most importantly, remain calm and be safe during a plumbing emergency.  Remember that a flooded basement could put you at risk for electrical shock, so you should never step into basement water.  For help during a plumbing emergency or for any type of plumbing service in Lafayette, New Iberia, or Abbeville, give Pipes & Plugs a call!