Holiday Lighting Electrical Safety Tips

It’s time for holiday decorating! We can’t wait to see all of the beautiful lights and glowing figures of Santa, reindeer, and snowmen, but what we don’t want to see are articles in the newspaper about homes that caught fire because of preventable electrical and fire hazards. Don’t let the most wonderful time of the year be ruined by an electrical shock or fire—make note of these holiday lighting electrical safety tips!

Abbeville, Lafayette, & New Iberia Holiday Lighting Electrical Safety Tips

  • Don’t let your tree get so dry it bursts into flames! Give it plenty of water so that it doesn’t become a flammable disaster waiting to happen.
  • Use LED bulbs. These don’t get as hot and will be less likely to cause problems.
  • Be careful where you place candles. They create a cozy, intimate atmosphere up until the point they get knocked over onto a dry, might-as-well-be-kindling-wood Christmas tree.
  • Inspect your light strings thoroughly. Dispose of wires that are worn, bare, or frayed. You also don’t want to use any wires that have gaps in their insulation or that become hot to the touch when in use.
  • Save the staples, tacks, nails, and screws for something without an electrical current! These items can easily damage the electrical wire.
  • Don’t use indoor lights outside. Outdoor lights are designed to withstand the elements, so keep your indoor lights indoors!
  • Use ground fault circuit interrupter outlets for outdoor decorations. These prevent electrical shocks and shorts that can happen when moisture gets into the socket.

Okay, you’re ready to roll! Be safe, impress us with your holiday décor, and don’t hesitate to call Pipes & Plugs if you run into any electrical problems!