Tornado Preparation

With the risk of tornado’s higher than the state and national average here in New Iberia and Lafayette, LA, it is important to be prepared. There are some things you can do before and after the storm to prepare your home for a tornado. Here are some suggestions.

Before a storm hits it is important to know how to shut off your water, gas, and electricity. Know where the shut-off valves and the circuit breakers are and make sure that all age-appropriate persons in the home know how to turn them off. Sometimes you only have minutes before a storm hits. If that is the case, turning off your valves is not the priority…finding safety is. But, if there is a safe amount of time, like during the early warning stages, it wouldn’t hurt to be proactive and shut off the water, gas, and electricity.

After the storm, if your home has been left untouched then your one job is to love on all your family and then help any neighbors or community members that may not have been as blessed. If your home has been severely damaged and you have not turned off the water, gas, and electricity then now would be the time…if you have access. If you only see minor damage then use a battery-powered flashlight or torch to survey your home for structural damage. It is important not to use flame because if there is a gas leak the flame could cause an explosion. If you find structural damage the plumbing pipes, gas pipes, or electrical work may have been damaged and you should turn off the water and gas valves and turn of the electric. If you smell anything that smells like it is burning, discover frayed wires, or see any sparks turn everything off and start making arraignments with an electrician like Pipes and Plugs. If you smell gas turn everything off, open all the windows, and leave the home immediately. Contact the gas company or fire and police departments.

Lastly, you will want to check the plumbing in your New Iberia and Lafayette, LA home or business. Check for any obvious leaks and keep on the lookout for any leaks or damp areas that develop over time. Survey your yard and look for any areas of standing water. This could indicate that plumbing lines in the yard were disturbed. Check your water heater and other major appliances to make sure that they are still in the right position. If your water bill seems higher than normal you may have a slow leak someplace that needs to be addressed. If that is the case you will need to call an expert like someone from Pipes and Plugs.

We hope that you will never have damage to your home because of a storm or tornado, but if you do know that you can trust the expert technicians at Pipes and Plugs to get your home’s plumbing, gas, and electric back in working order. Whether you have a plumbing, gas, or electric issue you can rest assured that Pipes and Plugs have the right knowledge, training, and experience to solve your problem the first time. We are firmly committed to customer service and quality work!

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