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Water Heater Repair in New Iberia

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Does it take longer and longer for water to heat up for bathing, dishwashing, and laundry? Is your hot water running out sooner and sooner? Do you suspect you need water heater repair from Pipes & Plugs, LLC, but you’re putting it off? It’s important to have a professional come inspect your hot water heater if you suspect anything wrong to help prevent further damage from occurring.

Call (337) 455-7444 now for hot water heater repair in New Iberia, Lafayette, or the surrounding areas. Same-day service available!

Signs Your Water Heater Needs Repair

Have you noticed inconsistencies with temperature while taking a shower? Sometimes your water heater will give you signs that something is wrong with it before you completely run out of hot water altogether. Be on the lookout for common signs your water heater could use a professional service.

Common signs to look our for include:

  • Surge in water bill
  • Noticeable leak in tank
  • Lack of hot water
  • Temperature fluctuation
  • Strange banging, clanging, or grinding sounds
  • Cloudy and/or strange smelling hot water
  • Rusty/brownish hot water coming from your taps

If you notice any of the above, be sure to call Pipes & Plugs, LLC straight away for water heater repair!

Benefits of Professional Water Heater Repair

With more than 40 years of combined plumbing experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to fix your water heater quickly and with minimal stress to you.

Reasons to get water heater repair now:
  • Save money: As your water heater takes longer to meet your desired temperature, it uses more water and more power, driving your utility bills up
  • Protect your property: If your water heater is leaking, even a little bit, it can cause costly damages to your floors, baseboards, and other nearby surfaces
  • Your comfort: Instead of learning to live with increasingly uncomfortable water temperatures, call us for water heater repair
  • Prevent replacement: The longer you wait to have a malfunctioning water heater repaired, the more likely you’ll to replace it, at greater expense

Our water heater repair experts in New Iberia are factory-trained to repair all makes and models of traditional and tankless water heaters. And with honest, upfront pricing, you may get a nasty shock from your cold shower, but you won’t get a nasty shock when the repair bill arrives!

Don’t wait. Contact Pipes & Plugs, LLC for professional water heater repair now!

Why Pipes & Plugs?

  • Cleanliness Guarantee

    We believe in leaving a space better than we found it! You'll never even know we were there when the job is done.

  • Skilled, Professional & Honest

    When you hire us, you’re trusting us to solve a problem. We show up on time, prepared, and ready to serve you.

  • Friendly, Responsible Technicians

    Every member of our team is required to pass a background check and a drug test so you can feel safe with our technicians in your home.

  • Service You Can Count On

    Most of our installations and repairs come with our standard 5-year warranty so you never have to worry if the job was done right.

  • Proven Experience

    We have over 40 years of combined experience serving New Iberia and Lafayette so we know exactly what it takes to get your job done!