Why Does My Water Smell Bad?

These days, we’re encouraged to drink a lot of water for better health, but this can be a difficult task if your water has an unpleasant smell. Today, our Lafayette, New Iberia, and Abbeville plumbers are here to lay out some of the common causes of odorous water, so that you can take steps to rid your water of its unpleasant scent.

Before you attempt to determine why your water smells, you’ll want to first make sure that the odor is coming from your water and not your drains. Fill a glass with hot water and one with cold water, step away from the sink and swirl the water around. If the smell goes away from both glasses, the problem is not with your water but most likely with your drains. Materials like hair, soap, and food waste can build on the walls of your drain and create a nasty stench. If this is the case, you’ll want to have your drains flushed and disinfected. For thorough drain cleaning service, give Pipes & Plugs a call.

Common Causes of Odors in Your Plumbing System’s Water

Bacteria in Your Water Heater – Your water heater’s warm storage tank could be a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Check to see if the bad smell comes from your hot water but not your cold water. If so, there are a few different ways to address the problem. You can temporarily set your water heater to 160°F to kill all the bacteria. Just remember to turn your water heater back down as this is an unsafe temperature that could cause someone to be scalded. You can also disinfect and flush out your water heater or have a licensed plumber replace the magnesium rod if it has one.

Bacteria in Your Water Softener – If the unpleasant odor comes from only your plumbing fixtures that use softened water, you may have bacteria growth in your water softener. You’ll need to flush and sanitize your water softener to get rid of the bacteria.

The Water Source – If both your hot and cold water smell regardless of which plumbing fixture the water comes out of, the issue could be with your water source. Contact your water supplier or have your well water tested.

We hope this information will help you solve any water odor issues you have in your home. For excellent plumbing service in Lafayette,  New Iberia, or Abbeville, contact Pipes and Plugs today!