10 Water Contamination Do’s and Don’ts

Heavy metal contamination isn’t the only thing that can impact water quality and safety. Runoff from farms and industrial waste are the most common culprits of water contamination, but did you know that many household products can contribute to this problem due to improper disposal? Doing your part by properly disposing of these products helps to preserve the water quality in Abbeville, Lafayette, New Iberia and beyond!

Pipes & Plugs, LLC is proud to offer eco-friendly plumbing services in Lafayette, LA that make it easy to reduce water contamination. These services incorporate “green” technology that can save you money by increasing your home’s energy efficiency while reducing its water usage. We’re dedicated to doing our part to help our community become even more environmentally responsible.

Data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reveal that over 286 million Americans rely on community water systems for their tap water. Everyone should do their part to reduce water contamination to preserve tap water quality. Here’s how you can help!

DO report improper disposal of chemicals by companies, neighbors, etc., to the public health department or a local water preservation organization. No one likes to tattletale, but preserving our area’s water quality is important!

DO install high-efficiency plumbing fixtures. This is especially important for homes with septic tanks. Water efficiency reduces the risk of septic system failure which can cause groundwater contamination.

DO clean up after your pets. This prevents disease-causing bacteria from entering storm drains and the public water supply.

DO remember to maintain your vehicle responsibly. Leaks allow antifreeze, coolant, and oil to seep into the groundwater or flow down storm drains. Wash your vehicle at a carwash, where companies must drain wastewater into the sewer system for proper treatment.

DO use homegrown fertilizer by making a compost pile out of kitchen scraps such as vegetable peels. It’s better than using harsh chemical fertilizers.

DON’T overdo it with bleach, detergent, and dish soap. Use the recommended amount. Better yet, switch to an eco-friendly, biodegradable brand. These are tough on dirt but gentle on the environment.

DON’T treat your toilet like a trash bin. The sewage treatment process is hindered by paper and plastic waste, which ends up as litter.

DON’T flush medication down the drain or the toilet. Trace amounts of pharmaceuticals have been found in some public water supplies. Take old and unused medication to a pharmacy for proper disposal.

DON’T pour cooking oil, grease, or fat down the drain. Pour into a container and throw it in the trash once it’s solid.

DON’T dispose of household cleaners, chemicals, and harsh products irresponsibly. Reach out to your local sanitation or environmental health department for help with proper disposal.

Remember, just because it disappears down the drain or the toilet doesn’t mean it goes away! For more information on our eco-friendly plumbing services, call Pipes & Plugs, LLC today!