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We Remove Clogs And Blockages Safely

The sink, toilet and other drains in your Lafayette or New Iberia, LA area home or business will occasionally get backed up or totally clogged. Most DIY drain cleaning products use harsh chemicals that can damage your drains and may not even effectively clean them. Professional drain cleaning from Pipes & Plugs is a better and safer way to fix your backed up drains.

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When you call us in for drain cleaning services we will evaluate your drains and pipes and recommend the blockage removal technique that will be best for your needs:

Drain Snake: We can use a cable drain cleaner to clean your drain or sewer by rotating a flexible cable made of piano wire through the pipe and destroy the blockage

Hydro Jetter: We blast away strong blockages and clogs with a high pressure water stream.

Our drain cleaning services include:

  • Main line cleaning

  • Floor drains

  • Bathroom sinks and toilets

  • Showers and bathtubs

  • Kitchen sinks

  • Commercial service plans

  • Grease traps

  • Video inspections

If you notice any of your sinks being slow to drain, your toilets flushing slowly or not at all, water back up in a tub or shower, or odors coming from your drains it’s time to contact Pipes & Plugs for professional drain cleaning services. We’ll clear the blockage and get your drains back to normal.

Rely on Pipes & Plugs for safe drain cleaning services in the Acadiana area. Call us in Lafayette at (337) 267-4357 and New Iberia at (337) 364-2980.

Why Pipes & Plugs?

  • Licensed, bonded, and insured

  • Over 40 years’ combined experience

  • Honest pricing

  • Quick, quality service

  • Satisfaction guarantee


24/7 Service

Your emergencies don’t always happen during normal business hours. That’s why we offer stress-free 24/7 plumbing and electrical services.

Upfront Pricing

Never guess about what your price will be again. With us, you approve the price before we start the work.

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You deserve the fastest solution possible to all your plumbing and electrical problems. We strive to provide it, fast!

Gold Star Savings

Gold Star Saving Plans are designed to keep your systems running at maximum efficiency.

More Reasons to Call Pipes & Plugs

  • Proven Experience. With over 40 combined years serving New Iberia and Lafayette clients, we have the experience to take care of you and your plumbing and electrical needs.
  • Service You Can Count On. Most repairs and installations come with standard 5-year warranties for your peace of mind.
  • Friendly, Responsible Technicians. Background checks and clean drug tests are required of all our team members.
  • Skilled, Professional & Honest. When you hire us, you’re trusting us to solve a problem, and we’re never going to abuse that trust.
  • Cleanliness Guarantee. We respect your property and guarantee it will look as good or better after we’ve finished our work.