We Install & Repair Your Dedicated Circuits

Your Acadiana area home relies on a multitude of electrical devices running at the same time, often in conjunction with each other. With today’s ever-increasing power demands, it’s all too easy to overload your circuits, especially when using major electrical items. That’s why Pipes & Plugs installs and repairs dedicated circuits–thus avoiding system overloads.

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What is a dedicated electrical circuit?

Unlike circuits that meet multiple electrical needs, such as a circuit that covers all the outlets in your living room, a dedicated circuit serves only one major item, like the dryer in your laundry room. This allows that one electrical item to work properly, without overtaxing the system.

When you need a dedicated circuit, Pipes & Plugs provides dedicated circuit repair & installation for many electrical items, such as:

  • HVAC Equipment

  • Ovens & Stoves

  • Clothes Dryers

  • Hot Tubs & Spas

  • Water Heaters

Not sure if your electrical item would benefit from a dedicated circuit? The licensed electricians at Pipes & Plugs will be happy to come to your Lafayette or New Iberia home and evaluate your electrical system, then provide an honest recommendation for what circuits you need for maximum efficiency and safety.

Rely on Pipes & Plugs for all your electrical needs. Call us in Lafayette at (337) 267-4357 and New Iberia at (337) 364-2980.

What Sets Us Apart?

We know that it doesn’t matter how good our electrical services in Lafayette and New Iberia are if the cost is unreasonable. That’s why we believe in upfront, honest pricing. We never quote a higher price than necessary, and we never recommend services you don’t actually need. With Pipes & Plugs you always know exactly what you’re getting for your money and you don’t get any nasty surprises!