Generator FAQs | Pipes & Plugs

Generator FAQs | Pipes & Plugs

Generators are quite the handy item to have on hand in the event of an emergency, blackout, or local power outage. It’s incredibly convenient to have a generator on standby, as they can keep your home operating as usual and your household comfortable. With the various models and sizes available on the market today, homeowners have endless generator options to choose from.

While generators have been around for years, some homeowners still find themselves with questions about the unit itself and its operation. We’re here to help answer any questions you may have about home generators.

What size generator is best?

Every home has its own unique power requirements, and generators are not “one size fits all.” The ideal generator size will be based upon the intensity of the electrical load it will be carrying. Your home’s specific energy needs greatly influence the size of the generator you will need.

What maintenance is necessary?

The maintenance steps to follow depends on the type of generator you’re using to power your home. If you’re using a portable generator, remember to run your generator every couple of months. Not only can this keep the unit running smoothly, but it can also help you catch any potential issues before a power outage has occurred. It’s better to catch repairs before you’re in desperate need of a generator! No homeowner wishes to be caught in an unfortunate outage without a working backup power source.

It’s essential to keep in mind that regular maintenance should be followed to keep an automatic standby generator in prime condition. Depending on the brand, how frequently you may need to schedule maintenance may vary. However, for most units, it’s recommended to schedule professional service at least once a year.

How long do automatic standby generators last?

Depending on the upkeep of an automatic standby generator, they can last anywhere from 15 to 40 years! Talk about a steady backup power source. Make sure to keep an eye on your generator towards the end of its lifespan to catch any potential issues or areas for repair.

How long does installation take?

While portable generators can become your go-to backup power source for traveling, automatic standby generators are installed directly outside the home.

The process is relatively simple:

  • A concrete installation site is prepared.
  • The generator is installed and connected.
  • A local inspector will then test and inspect the unit to ensure safe operation.

After the process is completed, your automatic standby generator is now ready for use and prepared to serve your power needs during the next outage.

Where should I run my portable generator?

If you own a portable generator, never under any circumstances run the generator indoors or in an enclosed area. Portable generators emit toxic fumes that can be a health hazard to your household. Remember to keep the generator outside and out of the garage, as the fumes could still seep into the home through the garage.

What are the benefits of a standby generator?

Standby generators offer ultimate convenience and energy protection during a power outage or blackout. When the primary power source shuts off, the generator automatically kicks on thanks to its direct wiring to your home. Your family will enjoy the comfort of total electricity without worrying about the lights switching off.

Generator Installation in New Iberia

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