Toilet Repairs for Leaky or Running Toilets

Many people ignore toilet problems until they become serious. This is, of course, a bad move. A toilet problem will never get better on its own, but it will get worse…and messier. Furthermore, most toilets that aren’t working properly are wasting water which will cost you extra money on your water bill. If you have one of the toilet issues listed below, it’s time to call Pipes & Plugs for a fast and painless toilet repair!

A Toilet That Won’t Stop RunningToilets that you hear running long after they’ve been flushed are malfunctioning. A continuously running toilet is a surefire water-waster. Usually, these toilets just need a new toilet valve to replace one that has hardened over time. An aged toilet valve can let water escape from the tank to the bowl when it isn’t necessary, causing the running sound. Click here to learn how to determine if your toilet tank is leaking. Our plumbers have the tools and replacement parts needed to fix a running toilet in no time!

A Leaky ToiletDrying toilet water off your bathroom floor is not a fun way to spend an afternoon. A leaky toilet probably either has a defective wax ring, corroded pipe, or cracked porcelain. Our Lafayette plumbers will examine your toilet and determine if a toilet repair will suffice or if you need a toilet replacement.

A Broken Flush HandleYour toilet’s flush handle probably gets about as much use as your car or refrigerator door handle, but a lot of times toilet handles are made out of plastic so they don’t last forever. If a broken flush handle is your toilet’s only problem, you probably don’t need a replacement toilet; we’ll just install a shiny new handle that can keep up with the usage!

Pipes & Plugs will take care of your toilet repair quickly or, if necessary, we’ll help you to choose the new toilet that will be perfect for your home. We can even replace a leaky toilet with a low-flow toilet that will help you to conserve water in Lafayette. Don’t wait for a minor toilet issue to become serious toilet trouble—give us a call today!