Plumbing and Electrical Company Shows Love with Gold Star Savings Plan

We were tempted to send each of our Lafayette customers a heart-shaped valentine with a box of candy hearts that all said “call me,” but someone told us that would be weird.  So, we’ve relented, and our Lafayette plumbing company has decided instead to tell you about our Gold Star Savings Plan because we think it shows, even more than a valentine could, just how much we love our customers!

First of all, because Pipes & Plugs is a well-rounded plumbing and electrical company that serves New Iberia, Lafayette, Abbeville, and several surrounding communities. We proudly offer two different Gold Star Savings Plans, one for electrical and one for plumbing.  But, because we love our customers, and we want all parts of their homes to be safe and free of malfunction, when you buy either of our Gold Star Savings Plans you get the other one for free! This way you get both plumbing and electrical maintenance agreements for the price of one.

With our Gold Star Savings Plans, you’ll be able to save on electrical service and plumbing service any time you need it throughout the year.  On top of that, a licensed electrician will inspect your home’s electrical system annually, and a plumbing technician will inspect your home’s accessible plumbing annually, preventing plumbing and electrical equipment failures and allowing you to feel safer in your home.  And, in case that’s not enough, all the plumbing fixtures and electrical devices that you purchase and install with Pipes & Plugs will have a 100% parts and labor guarantee for as long as you maintain your Gold Star Savings Plan!

The certified plumbers and licensed electricians at Pipes & Plugs want to help all of our New Iberia, Lafayette, and Abbeville customers save money on utility bills, conserve water and electricity, prevent breakdowns, and maximize home safety.  We believe that the Gold Star Savings Plan is our best way to do that, so we hope you’ll check it out if you haven’t already!

Happy Valentine’s Day from Pipes & Plugs!

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