Heartbreaking Ways Water Damage Can Ruin Your Valentine’s Day in Abbeville, Lafayette, and New Iberia

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Heartbreaking Ways Water Damage Can Ruin Your Valentine’s Day in Abbeville, Lafayette, and New Iberia

Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to show those you love exactly how much they mean to you, so don’t forget about your plumbing system! Plumbing problems such as water leaks can cause a whole lot of head and heartache around this time of year, especially if you’re not proactive about staying on top of maintaining your plumbing system.

At Pipes & Plumbing LLC., we understand how heartbreaking the damage caused by plumbing problems can be. It’s something we see all the time! You can rely on our decades of proven experience to tackle any plumbing issue, big or small. Whether it’s a leaky faucet or an emergency plumbing repair, we offer a variety of plumbing services to address each and every one of your plumbing concerns.

Here are just a few ways plumbing problems that can break your heart this Valentine’s Day.

Damage to ceiling, wallpaper, etc.

Hot and steamy showers are the perfect way to unwind, but the heat and moisture can make your wallpaper bubble and wrinkle over time, causing it to become an eyesore. Not to mention, hidden water leaks in your bathroom can lead to mold and mildew growth as well as ugly stains on the ceiling below the bathroom. Many don’t realize that toilets can leak too. If you ever discover water building up around the base of your toilet, or it seems like the floor is more flexible around the toilet, call us right away. You could have a toilet leak.

Basement flooding

Forget about your refrigerator; is your sump pump running? A working sump pump is the best way to avoid an absolute plumbing nightmare. Be sure to test your sump pump regularly and keep up with its maintenance.

Frozen or burst piping

A burst pipe is a serious plumbing emergency that can cause thousands of dollars of water damage in just a few minutes! It’s important to protect your pipes from freezing. We’re happy to help you unfreeze your pipes and show you ways to winterize your plumbing system to prevent it from happening.

Overflowing toilet

How embarrassing would it be to have your toilet overflow on the big night all because of a toilet clog? To avoid this disaster never flush items such as baby wipes, paper towels, and personal hygiene products down the toilet. If you do have a clog, you can trust our drain cleaning service to get things flowing again.

Smelly laundry

Washing your clothes in cold water is a great way to save energy and money but using mainly cold water to do your laundry can make it difficult for debris and residue to wash away, leading to a musty smelling washing machine and stinky laundry. Do your hottest load last to prevent this and never let your laundry sit in the washing machine for too long!

Show your plumbing some love this Valentine’s Day by taking measures to avoid these issues. Have a plumbing problem on Valentine’s Day? You can rely on Pipes & Plugs’ 24-hour, 7-day a week plumbing service. That’s how much we love plumbing!


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