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Do you have any of the following plumbing issues?

  • Low Water Pressure

  • Shower Temp Changes When Toilets Flushed

  • Slab or Pinhole Leaks

  • Rust-Colored or Yellow Water

Repiping A House | Lafayette & New Iberia | Pipes & Plugs


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Repiping your house fixes these problems and eliminates worry. A home repipe is also permanent fix that saves you money in the long run; instead of calling us out to your Lafeyette or New Iberia area home multiple times for leak detection and pipe repair, you can have Pipes & Plugs repipe your house and be done with it.

It may seem like a large undertaking to completely repipe your house, but after your house repipe is finished you can enjoy significant money savings. Think about how much water you’ll save when you no longer have to turn on your water and wait for it to run clear and rust-free, or when you can take shorter showers because you have good water pressure. Think of how much money you’ll save on leaking pipe repair and water damage remediation.

Stop stressing over rusty water, money wasting leaks and low water pressure. And definitely stop praying no one will flush a toilet while you’re showering. Call the expert plumbers at Pipes & Plugs to repipe your house today. We can reached in Lafayette at (337) 267-4357 and in New Iberia at (337) 364-2980.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Often when you call an electrician in, you’re wondering if you’ll have to call them back several times due to the work not being done right the first time. That’s not something you have to worry about with Pipes & Plugs. We guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with our work before we leave your property, so you’ll never need to call us back.