Toilets can be sneaky thieves.  Your toilet may look all sparkling, clean, and innocent after a good scrubbing, but it may be stealing right from under you!  A toilet leak could be costing you extra money on every water bill, and it might not just be a couple of George Washingtons…we could be talking about multiple Benjamin Franklins!

You may be thinking:  Well my toilet isn’t leaking.  There isn’t any water on the bathroom floor and I don’t hear any noises.  Ahh, if only it were that simple.  Toilets can be tricky—slowly, consistently leaking, costing you money, without ever making a sound or letting a drop of water appear out of place.  That’s why at Pipes & Plugs we recommend taking matters into your own hands and showing your potentially leaking toilet who’s boss by giving it a dye test.  A dye test is a simple, pain-free, and virtually cost-free test that you can perform yourself at your Lafayette or New Iberia home or business to detect a leaky toilet  .  If you find you’ve got a toilet leak, you’ll know it’s time to call your local plumber.  If not, well, that’s great news!

How to Detect a Toilet Leak with a Dye Test

Step 1:  Remove your toilet tank lid and any “in tank” bowl cleaners.  You want to begin your test with clean, clear water in both the tank and the toilet bowl.

Step 2:  Add enough dye into the toilet tank to give it a deep color.  For your dye you can use food coloring, powdered drink mix, or you may be able to get a dye capsule from your water company.

Step 3:  Don’t let anyone use the toilet for 30 minutes.  If some of the dyed water has transferred from the toilet tank to the toilet bowl, then you have a leak!  A toilet that works properly will not have water passing from the tank to bowl without being flushed.

If your toilet fails the dye test, it is a thief!  Don’t let a leaking toilet steal another president from your wallet—call Pipes & Plugs and a certified plumber will come out to your Lafayette or New   Iberia home or business and perform the necessary toilet repair.  Pipes & Plugs can also help you with any other residential or commercial plumbing needs you may have, including new fixture installation, drain cleaning, and remodeling!

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