Ways to Save Money on Electricity

/Ways to Save Money on Electricity

Shockingly Simple Ways to Reduce Your Winter Electric Bill in Abbeville, New Iberia, and Lafayette

How does your electric bill compare to the national average of $110. 21, which is based on a 2013 study performed by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)? This amount can quickly increase in the winter as seemingly small things begin to add up. However there are a number of easy ways to save money [...]

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Understanding the Different Types of Lightbulbs in New Iberia, Abbeville, & Lafayette, LA

Back in the day, lightbulb shopping was quick and easy because there weren’t a whole lot of options, but these days, customers are faced with so many different types of bulbs that they don’t know which ones to choose. By knowing the differences among lightbulbs, you’ll be able to choose the best option for all [...]

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Conserving Electricity in Lafayette, New Iberia, & Abbeville to Help Combat Climate Change

Over the last decade, the world has encountered extreme heat waves, less predictable weather patterns, shrinking glaciers, and overall warmer temperatures. As human activities continue to create greenhouse gasses, it is likely that temperatures will continue to rise. Though combating climate change is complicated and there is no easy solution, many believe that one [...]

Ways to Save Money on Electricity in New Iberia & Lafayette

Saving money on electricity is easy when you know just what to do.  Read through these electricity-saving tips from our New Iberia electricians and then get to saving yourself some money on your next electric bill! How to Save Money on Electricity Use compact fluorescent light (CFL)  bulbs. Make sure you choose the appropriate size and type [...]

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