Avoiding a Clogged Garbage Disposal in Lafayette, LA

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Avoiding a Clogged Garbage Disposal in Lafayette, LA

On Thanksgiving we have a tendency to overstuff ourselves because there are so many delicious meats, pies, potatoes, and veggies to put on our plates.  While we recover with a brisk walk, football game, or nap (so that we can get back to eating), it might not be so easy for an overstuffed, clogged garbage disposal to bounce back.  Plumbing companies receive the greatest number of calls about clogged or broken garbage disposals on the days following Thanksgiving.  Pipes & Plugs wants you to know that a busted or clogged garbage disposal is one plumbing repair that can oftentimes be prevented…if you just follow these simple “Garbage Disposal Care Rules.”

Garbage Disposal Care Rules for the Residents of Lafayette & New Iberia, LA

  1. Be careful not to put garbage disposal-unfriendly foods and materials into the sink.  This includes:
    • Pumpkin  innards
    • Bones
    • Celery,  onion skins, potato peels, corn husks, and other fibrous foods
    • Oils,  fats, and greases
    • Rice,  pasta, or any other food that could expand
    • Metal –  such as bottle caps
    • Anything  made from paper, glass, or plastic
  2. Use your garbage disposal year round, not just during the busy holiday season.  By using it regularly you can prevent rust and corrosion as well as keep the parts ready to work.
  3. Run cold water down the drain while your garbage disposal is on.  Don’t turn the water off until after you have turned off the garbage disposal and the grinding has ceased.
  4. Don’t wait for your garbage disposal to fill up with waste before you turn it on; just use it as you go.

Because the holiday season can be both taxing on people and their plumbing, Pipes & Plugs wants to help you avoid the need for a plumbing repair that could be prevented.  By adhering to the “Garbage Disposal Care Rules,” you could avoid the added stress of a clogged or broken down garbage disposal this Thanksgiving.  As always, Pipes & Plugs is here to help you with any plumbing service you may need in Lafayette or New Iberia, and we hope you enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving full of family, friends, and fabulous food!

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